I am a mathematician, skilled at the Bucharest University. Teaching in my every-day life it often happens to dream about never known worlds, mostly the virtual worlds I imagine for my pupils.

I don't like weapons, fear, intimidation, death...(even if I kill my heroes sometimes) and I truly don't like my future to be highlighted that way. I acquainted Romanian sci-fi through my husband, Györfi-Deák György, but I already was a fan of Ursula K. Le Guin's and of the Strugatski brothers'. I write poetry and short stories in Romanian and Hungarian as well and won several literary prizes, as well as my husband. My first book of poems, "The Quotidian Galaxy" appeared in 1999, in the very day of the Solar Eclipse. The next one will contain fairy tales written for my two kids, George and Gregory. I surely know that life is not a bed of roses, but as a true Pisces, it happens to me to hope that there has to be some reason for us to live. #R# I love my dusty little town, my flowers and my dog Peta and, as my husband often says, I am stubborn as a mule. Together we run an almost eight years old school-newspaper, "The Fitzuica" (http://www.teleactivities.org/fituica/), which contains also sci-fi stories, written by the pupils themselves. György Györfi-Deák I was born in the springtime, under the eyes of Mercury. That happened in 1964. At fifteen I even did not know that Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, writers who embellished my childhood, wrote science-fiction. When I eventually found out, I realised I would like to write the way they did it. But than I discovered Ray Bradbury and took another way... I studied physics in Timisoara, my hometown, where I graduated in solid state physics one year before the revolution. Although I frequented enough amateur writers-clubs from several places, my true writing-school was the "H.G. Wells club" from Timisoara. I don't have my own volume, but I wrote for almost all of the Romanian sci-fi magazines. I even assisted some of them to be borne. I write in Romanian, but also in Hungarian, and try to help eople to know each other, to be in touch, to walk over their prejudices. Sometimes it might be possible. #R# I like an sci-fi story to be dynamic, although not a hunt after the main hero. The story must be anchored in reality, must be truly credible, but there isn't any rush to say everything in one breath: the real science fiction needs a little bit of magic.

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