Sven Kloepping (*1979) is a freelance writer from Dortmund/Germany. World-famous author of the bestsellers 'How to make children yearning for detention' and 'Let's do reggae in death row now'.

Engaged in several charity organizations like 'Post-Taliban Leader Exchange Fundation' and 'Less Oil for the Exploited'. And he writes sci-fi. Yes, he does. See below. And: Save the animals (this includes humans, sadly enough). Science-Fiction, poetry and articles Readings – on the radio and offline Publications on the web*, in magazines** and anthologies Editor of German language anthologies*** First story collection in German language: „:MegaFusion: - LifeFiction“ (published 2001 by G. Meyer Publications, Hanau) Next story collection in German language: „Terroristen im Klonfieber“ (Terrorists in Clone Fiever) Awards: Finalist of the "Poetensitz" award in Heidelberg/Germany (1999) Winner of the „Literascript“ online contest (2001) Nominated for the „Kurd-Laßwitz-Award“ (2002) Member of the German Writers’ Association (VS) Editor of web-magazines: * Anotherealm, Planet Magazine, Fantastic Metropolis, Aphelion Webzine ** Pablo Lennis *** "O.P.S.T." (aalfaa enterbraynment), Vorsicht, bissig! (Blitz Publishing)

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