I don't usually write about rumors, but this one is related to a subjects that I raised my attention during the last days... I did not know how to consider the separation between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver when I've heard about that... at least in the beginning. I thought that the plans (or at least the wannabe plans) to become the president of the European Union might have came between them, but I was wrong. The announcement of Arnie's fathering a child with some woman in his stuff was a surprise because I did not know anything about his affairs, I knew that he was happily married with 4 kids and I knew he was a serious guy. I still believe that he is a serious ambition guy, but I am still laughing about something I've read on the internet.

As far as I knew, Arnie's wife started counting his children and she found one more than she knew about... she was upset (or more) because that child was born during their marriage and she was not the mother. I believe that almost any woman may be angry about that and nobody can blame her about that. What I've read on the internet is a rumor that that child might not be the only one and somebody have heard about 2 more.... If I was to consider that rumor, Arnie's number of children rise from 4 to possible 7 in only a few days... Without wanting to offend anybody, this is a little hilarious... a kind of fun-reaction-to-shock. I am almost afraid to think about the limits of this counter... being realistic I believe that only the sky is the limit...

Beyond the natural curiosity I will follow the story as close I can. Schwarzy was one of my favourite actors when I was a teenager. I am almost afraid that soon from the well-known Terminator he will become the Sperminator... and I don't want that.

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