Telling the search engines that your site exits on the web is one the most important things to do after a site is done, online and filled with some content. The old and well known ways to do that are to submit the link to GoogleYahoo and Bing... they still works but the time to index the domain can be longer than a lot of you may like: it can vary between a few days and a few weeks.

Google's Webmasters Tools and Microsoft's  Bing™ Webmaster are very helpful, they were created to provide you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on the search engines (the site's seo). Using that tools you can submit xml-based sitemaps to Google and Bing, files that provide all the links of the sites. You must follow some guidelines for that, but the explanations are extensive. The same thing that can be done using a sitemap on the page, their purpose is to help crawlers to parse the site. Using robots.txt you an also exclude parts of your site from the crawlers' acces if you don't want to make them public.

One of the fastest way to "invite" crawlers to get to your site is to write articles on high rank site (like or ) and provide backlinks to your web page. You can do it yourself or you can get some content writers to do that for you. The articles does not necessary have to be too long, it's enought about 300 word per article. When writing such articles you must follow the same rules you use for the content of you site: to be descriptive, to use some specific targeted guide line, to use specific kewyords inside the text.

The tools to create backlinks follow the same rules, but they are involved in the quantity of the links not in the quality of the content attached to that link. The quantity and the quality are both important because they will always bring you visitors, but they must follow a clear direction in the promotion of the site. For more details about that contact us.

Lately Google changed the search algorithms, now they rank higher the pages with the unique content. One good way to improve the rank of your site is to creat a blog of some kind and to start writing. There are a lot of systems that offer you good and various advantages to your site, but that's another story. For now I can tell you that fhe Wordpress blogs, for examples, have the option to make themselves public and submit the link of the blog via the wordpress domain. This can always help if you don't stop creating content (don't stop writing), and the visitors (humans and crawlers) that can get to the blog will reach to the main page.

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